About us

About us

EMCR Professional Network

We are a team of financial professionals with extensive experience in the global financial industry. Over many years, with such firms as UBS, Deutsche Bank, and Sberbank, we gained a wide network of connections and a strong reputation in financial and business communities globally and in CEEMEA, including CIS countries and Russia. We decided to use our connections and reputation to build a professional social network that will allow people to understand who is an expert in economics, finance and business and who is not and at the same time to allow true experts to stand out against the sea of pseudo-expertise in other social networks. Verified EMCR profile is an expert’s quality stamp for colleagues, clients and employers.

  • What we do

    We help true experts in economics, finance and business to stand out against all the pseudo-expertise on the Internet and provide them with tools to monetize their skills by offering them permanent and freelance jobs as well as publishing services for their expert materials. We help people to understand who is an expert and who is not and give them the platform where they can hire true experts or read their expert materials.

  • Our advantages

    We do not allow on our platform any content, which is unethical, unprofessional or not transparent. We encourage maximum transparency of all expert profiles and we have an expert peer-verification mechanism which is going to become only stricter with time.

  • What we value in our experts

    EMCR stands on three pillars: Ethics, Professionalism and Integrity. We give our experts freedom to interact with their audience, clients and employers on our platform or outside of it, freedom to make mistakes and get disappointed included. However, if a person has verified EMCR profile it implies that she shares our values and acts accordingly. All cases of unethical and unprofessional behavior will be investigated, and all responsible persons will be removed from our platform.

Corporate profiles

Our Team

  • Pavel Pikulev

    Project Consultant

    Pavel has 17 years of experience in buy side and sell side investment research. During his years with such institutions as Deutsche Bank, Gazprombank, and Sberbank, among others, he provided research coverage and strategy on global and local CEEMEA financial markets for internal consumption as well as for external clients. During 2007–2015, Pavel was among the best fixed income markets strategists in Russia and CIS, according to Institutional Investor Magazine and Financial Information Company Cbonds. Since 2019, Pavel has been an expert on the Bank of Russia’s Financial Stability Advisory Board. During 2011–2016, he was a member of the Bank Treasury Committee with the Russian National Finance Association. Pavel has a wide network of contacts in finance in Russia, CIS, and globally.

  • Vasilij Korol

    Project Consultant

    Vasilij has more than 12 years in the banking industry. He has held managerial positions in divisions responsible for IT and finance. In addition, he has over 2 years of experience in IT and business consulting. Vasilij was responsible for finance function at Intesa Bank, Alfa Bank, and Promsvyazbank. He also held a position of Chief Data Officer (CDO) in one of the top 20 Russian banks. He regularly won a title of best employee and was involved in and successfully completed complex unique projects involving finance and data with limited time and resources. Vasilij has in-depth knowledge of corporate finance and IT and has a great network of contacts in financial and IT communities in both Russia and CIS.

  • Olga Skorokhodova


    Olga has over 10 years of experience in trading and asset management. She managed fixed-income portfolios and pension funds with various banks and asset management companies. She also has 3 years of experience in managing projects in online education.

  • Anton Amelin

    Chief Developer

    Anton has over 12 years of experience in developing apps and managing teams in top IT and b2b companies. He has executed many projects related to e-commerce, multi-service integration, and business process automation. Anton provided technical expertise and designed, launched, and developed projects for such companies as MOEX, Sportmaster, Centro, Kari, Nikon, and Meineliebe. He was responsible for hiring and managing IT teams, as well as designing and managing processes within technical departments.

  • Evgenia Konovalova

    PR & Marketing

    Evgenia has been promoting brands in media and social media for more than 15 years. She achieves quantitative and qualitative increases in company publications and audience growth at little or no cost.
    She worked in classical public relations and then studied marketing to better understand how to research markets, competitors, and the needs of potential and current customers. Also she was the editor-in-chief of the telegram channel "Antihype on the Money", where she did interviews with leading financial experts on the Russian market.
    She is currently studying psychology at the Moscow Institute of Psychoanalysis.

  • Maria Baranchikova


    Maria is a lawyer specializing in private international law. She has extensive experience in IT law and cofounded Baranchikov IP & IT Attorneys.