About us

Sharing skills and experience, not geography

Collaboration and cross-functionality are the future of any research work. In an ever- complex world, only together can we create awesome products. That’s why great teams always come before great projects. Here we help you to build great teams regardless of the physical location of their members, who can be anywhere across the globe. The only things that matter are the right background, skills, and motivation to work.

  • Not just a marketplace

    It’s our belief that product comes first. EM Cloud Research is the platform designed to create and then it’s up to the team to decide what to do with the results: to sell or give them out for free.

  • Network with a purpose

    Wherever our users are, they can be a part of a global professional network where only merits matter, not regional location, gender, race, or anything else. Anyone is welcome to build a professional reputation here not just by displaying their CV but by working hard on real-life projects along with the best market professionals.

  • Education is our mission

    It’s our conviction that education and human capital development is a key for business success. Our goal is to provide equal professional growth opportunities for everyone in the world, not just for a few who can afford tuition at top world universities and business schools. Education must be practical. That’s why a vital part of our effort is our Global Internship Program where we allow students of frontier institutions and online platforms to work as an apprentice to recognized world-class specialists.