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BASEL III, Financial Modelling, Regulations, Valuation, Commercial Banking, Net Stable Funding Ratio
Thus if you’re a modeler with background in modeling mainly manufacturing companies, and banking model
Inside, you’ll find the fundamentals of operating modeling for banking in line with good modeling practices
You will learn how to build a correct fully integrated commercial banking model meeting basic regulatory
The model you’ll arrive to in the end will be a simple yet capable tool for capturing key interrelations
Cash flow financial modeling 101 for legacy commercial banking: ELI5 tutorial
Management, Business Valuation, Investment Fund, Investment Analysis, Unit Economics, Valuation And Business Modeling
, Financial Models
investment process both on the buy and sell side, preferably in IT/tech; Proficiency in creating financial models
Preparing presentation materials for companies within the portfolio (teasers, presentations, financial models
Mergers And Acquisitions (M&A), Due Diligence, Investment Analysis, Financial Modeling
relevant investment banking, PE / VC or management consulting background; Deep understanding of financial modeling
project timelines, and monitor progress; Preparing performance reports to shareholders; Financial modeling
Equity Capital Markets (ECM), Corporate Finance, Valuation, DCF, Business Valuation, Initial Public Offering
(IPO), Financial Modeling
математики/экономики/финансов • Знание корпоративных финансов и основных способов оценки компаний (DCF
experience in VC/PE/IB or a related field ● Experience in preparation of investment materials (financial models
● Pipeline analysis, industry research, financial modelling ● DD coordination, portfolio management
Risk Management, Credit Risk, ESG, Provision, Risk Assessment, Consulting, Risk Modelling, RWA, Stress
Our projects are mostly related to the regulatory credit risk models development and validation activities
Some of the projects might be related to the Pillar II economic capital modelling, stress testing, as
well as business modelling (Collection, EWS, Credit decision, Fraud models).
Retail Banking, Product Control, Financial Modeling, Financial Models
продуктов розничного бизнеса; - Завершенные проекты внедрения процедур финансового моделирования и DCF
experience in the field of macroeconomics and / or financial markets • knowledge of econometrics, skills in modeling
Responsibilities • Work as part of a macro research team with focus on macro forecasting and developing models
We also provide valuation model with scenarios analysis to determine Apple stock's intrinsic value.
First research on blockchain prediction markets includes three parts: - Universal Model for Comparing
* Experience creating data models supporting reports and dashboards for different business functions
* Work with the Product Owner and stakeholders to design, develop, and maintain data models enabling
Financial Modelling, Business Analytics, Consulting, DCF, Investment Analysis
Python, Regional Economies, Economic Modelling, Macroeconomic Forecasting, DSGE, Macroeconomic Analysis
, Macroeconomic Modeling, Macroeconometrics, PostgreSQL, GARCH
статей (желательно знакомство с построением моделей общего равновесия (computable general equilibrium models
Stata, R, Python, пакет офисных программ (Word, Excel, Powerpoint), желательно GAMS (General Algebraic Modelling
Investment Advisory, Financial Modelling, Mergers And Acquisitions (M&A), Due Diligence, Investment Analysis
, Investment Consulting, Data Presentation, Financial Modeling
capital markets, corporate advisory and transaction support including valuation, due diligence, financial modelling
VC & Startups, Corporate Investment Banking, Corporate Finance, Financial Modelling, Mergers And Acquisitions
Essential responsibilities: • Develop and maintain complex financial models (M&A modeling, revenue and
sales projections, market modeling, etc) • Provide financial and strategic analysis evaluating current
critical thinking • High proficiency with Microsoft Office products; experience building financial models
Few specific questions on Samsung business model and valuation.
Financial Analysis, Bonds Analysis, Fixed Income Analysis, Finacial Modelling
pitchbook; Навыки анализа сравнимых сделок и мультипликаторов, финансового моделирования (построение DCF
Finance, Accounting, Financial Analysis, Corporate Finance, Financial Modelling, Economics, DCF, Finance
Management, Corporate Financing, Financial Modeling
Market research/Trading, Financial Modelling, Credit Research, Econometrics, Financial Markets, Equity
Research, DCF, Fixed Income Analysis, Emerging Markets Research, Asset Valuation
&A), Private Equity, Venture Capital, Investment Banking, Investment Fund, Family Office, Financial Modeling
A potential candidate is expected to have a well-developed set of hard skills (high-level financial modeling