Five EM Questions on Macro and Politics

Five EM Questions on Macro and Politics

Poland - How can we quantify the impact of the higher gas and coal prices in Europe on Polish inflation? How does the pass-through work in Poland from higher input prices for electricity generation (gas and mainly coal) into CPI?

Egypt - 2020/21 budget actual implementation

Israel - The term of 4 out of 6 Bank of Israel Board members is coming to an end next month. Do you know whether they will be reappointed or not? Is there any news from local press?

South Africa - NERSA electricity pricing

Chile - The presidential candidate Sebastian Sichel announced he would support full withdrawals of pension savings and also Yasna Provoste said she supports the current bill. Does their stance affect the consensus expectation that the Senate will reject the proposal? Aren't senators increasingly pressed to approve since candidates are seeing this theme as a key subject to gather support?

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Date of creation: 04/10/2021
Date of publication: 04/10/2021