EM Weekly Q&A

EM Weekly Q&A

Russia - If the US were to sanction RUB-denominated debt issuance by state lenders, how would that impact the financial system?

Turkey - With the fiscal turning out better than the government expected, how much can one assume the government will reduce its Eurobond issuance forecasts for this year?

Tunisia - What would fuel subsidy bill be post this adjustment? Would this change along with moves to re-organise SOE's be enough to get IMF to the table?

Gabon - Could you provide more details on how the regional budget deficit (commitment basis excl. grants) is defined and how the rate of external coverage of the currency is calculated?

Chile - There was a big boost in support for Pamela Jiles (to 20%) in the presidential election preference poll by Cadem for April. What explains it?

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Date of creation: 23/04/2021
Date of publication: 23/04/2021