Five questions on Emerging Markets

Five questions on Emerging Markets

Czech Republic - Have you heard any recent developments on the economy’s reopening?

Russia - In your story on the latest OFZ auction you say that large state-owned banks came to the rescue? Is this based on any specific information?

Egypt - When do you expect JP Morgan Government Bond Index-Emerging Markets (GBI-EM) inclusion? What weighting are you expecting? Do you have an estimate on the amount on USD inflows this is likely to generate?

Tunisia - How material is this agreement in your view in terms of 1) probability of an IMF deal and 2) timing of the same? Any news from the press?

Pakistan - Was Shaikh a market friendly name? And was this always on the cards? Wondering how this will impact Pakistan's intention to issue a Eurobond in the market today.

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Date of creation: 06/04/2021
Date of publication: 06/04/2021