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BASEL III, Financial Modelling, Regulations, Valuation, Commercial Banking, Net Stable Funding Ratio
Thus if you’re a modeler with background in modeling mainly manufacturing companies, and banking model
Inside, you’ll find the fundamentals of operating modeling for banking in line with good modeling practices
You will learn how to build a correct fully integrated commercial banking model meeting basic regulatory
The model you’ll arrive to in the end will be a simple yet capable tool for capturing key interrelations
Cash flow financial modeling 101 for legacy commercial banking: ELI5 tutorial
corporate development, consulting, business development, IB/PE/VC, IR, valuation • Strong business models
strong analytical and problem-solving skills • Advanced knowledge in corporate finance, valuation, financial
modeling, knowledge of IFRS standards • Advanced spoken and written English
cover all strategic activities in the core digital freight segment from building a strategic business model
Responsibilities: • Challenge the current business and financial model of the digital freight segment
with further ownership of the segment financial model with direct reporting to shareholders • Responsibility
tolerance for weak results • Support the fundraising and shareholders reporting process: operational and financial
analysis for models and materials for investors/shareholders, participation in investor presentation
preparation, ownership of the digital freight financial model • Support M&A deals related to the digital
freight segment: preparation of valuation models, target company analysis for internal discussions
Financial Analysis, Financial Modelling, Financial Due Diligence, Industry Research, Strategic Investments
Priority - economic / mathematical / technical areas ●Excellent analytical and financial modeling skills
Key Responsibilities ●Assist on various projects, including performing financial analysis, conducting
managing project timelines ●Provide support to portfolio companies, including monitoring and analyzing financial
growth opportunities ●Scout and evaluate incoming investment opportunities, conduct industry research, financial
Risk Management, Risk Analysis, Financial Risk Manager (FRM), Quantitative Risk Management
Key responsibilities: •Valuation of derivatives and cash instruments •Approval of new products/models
skills and qualification: •Master degrees in Mathematics\Physics and Finance\Economics •Understanding financial
derivatives and valuation models •Strong computer skills; knowledge of any of C++/Python/.Net as an
Our main function is to assure independence and reliability of valuations for financial instruments.
IRRBB management principles, regulation and risk metrics as well as proven experience in behavioral models
development and option pricing is a strong advantage; - hands on experience with financial markets
and working knowledge of financial instruments (fixed-income, FX/IR derivatives, basis swaps, options
In this position you will directly influence financial result of the bank through management of short
various interest rate scenarios; - actively participate in review and development of quantitative models
strategies of IRRBB exposures, coming from existing and new business; - responsible for optimization of financial
This report reviews recent developments in banking regulation and financial literacy.
Russia’s penetration of financial services should accelerate as literacy rises.
Credit health & financial literacy of Russian population
Company overview: -VTB Group’s Corporate Investment Business is a leader in the Russian banking sector -Financial
ВТБ - -VTB Group’s Corporate Investment Business is a leader in the Russian banking sector -Financial
Fixed term analyst, Financial Products Sales, VTB Group (CIB), ВТБ
Risk Management, Credit Risk, ESG, Provision, Risk Assessment, Consulting, Risk Modelling, RWA, Stress
Testing, Financial Risks
Our projects are mostly related to the regulatory credit risk models development and validation activities
Some of the projects might be related to the Pillar II economic capital modelling, stress testing, as
well as business modelling (Collection, EWS, Credit decision, Fraud models).
We provide integrated financial solutions and investment advisory services to our clients, the majority
Russian Federation -Regular corporate training -VMI, insurance against accidents and serious diseases -Financial
overview: - VTB Group’s Corporate Investment Business is a leader in the Russian banking sector - Financial
Junior Analyst, Financial Products Sales, VTB Group (CIB), ВТБ
Finance, Financial Analysis, Financial Modelling, Risks, Finance Forecasting, Financial Analytics, Methodology
, Business Modelling, Tender Analysis, Unit Economics
We also provide valuation model with scenarios analysis to determine Apple stock's intrinsic value.
First research on blockchain prediction markets includes three parts: - Universal Model for Comparing
Quick analysis wity sensitivities to key rate hikes to Ru public financials
Rapid improvement in financial performance makes Tesla an attractive vehicle for bond investors
The release of 2Q21 IFRS in mid-August may serve as a positive catalyst, suggesting solid financial momentum
Few specific questions on Samsung business model and valuation.
Finance, Financial Analysis, Corporate Finance, Economics, Financial Analytics, Regional Economies, Monetary
Economics, Economic Modelling, Banking Finance, Financial Controlling
read a number of researches on APAC coal market, analyzed the Adani Group's payment track-record and financial
falls, gas exports rise Remittances rise 13% y/y, while tourism plummets due to COVID-19 pandemic Financial