Five EM Questions on Macro and Politics

Five EM Questions on Macro and Politics

Turkey - Do you expect this focus on core inflation to be in effect in the September Guidance and has the CBRT previously directly implemented core into its forward guidance?

CEE3 - Do you have a list of key events to watch out for in Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic over the next 3 months?

Egypt - Could you share further details on the headlines number in the context of the SDR allocation? It would be interesting to better understand where the SDR is booked, and why reserves didn't increase by a similar amount.

Morocco - Could you please provide a quick overview of the different political parties in Morocco? In that context, what are the main policy implications of this switch in government?

Argentina - How would the legislative process work if the FPV losses its Senate majority and its lower house numbers decline? Can they pass the budget or do tax reform? Can the president rule by decree?

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