Commercial Director to Dubai / Invesment Company, Recruitment Boutique S.M.Art

Commercial Director to Dubai / Invesment Company, Recruitment Boutique S.M.Art

Commercial Director to Dubai
Investment Company


• Over 10 years of experience
• Team management experience (sales, marketing, analytics, researches, development, product factories)
• Experience in developing sales of digital products and services
• Understanding how the stock market and other investment instruments work
• Possession of tools for working with current users of the product
• Good knowledge of product analytics
• Understanding the unit-economy of digital products
• Knowledge of modern methodologies
• Initiative, independence


Tasks for the position
• Ensuring the fulfillment of financial performance indicators of the business, sales and customer acquisition plans, achievements and attracted indicators.
• Management of customer segmentation and implementation of identified identification to work and interaction with individual customer segments.
• Management of the communication environment, standards and norms of communication with clients;
• Building the best customer experience;
• Building a customer loyalty system;
• Search and implementation of best practices in terms of sales and customer service;
• Ensuring optimal business processes for sales and customer service;
• Continuous development of models of work of sales channels;
• Stimulation of selling divisions;
• Improving the quality of products and services sold through sales and customer service channels;
• Development of customer services, sales support systems and customer service;
• Formation and implementation of a digital development strategy, including planning for the development or launch of the following products, including goals, results, dates, metrics and key functionality (if applicable):
o Mobile solution for customers including:
• Solution for clients who do not have significant investment experience;
• Solution for wealthy clients.
o Web solution
o Websites
o Other digital products

• Formation of market-relevant strategic goals including:
o Market share growth targets;
o Designation of end-to-end responsibility;
o Relevant KPIs.
• Creation, support and development of a service for attracting and activating customers, building effective customer paths
• The best investment application on the market;
• Building a segment-oriented sales model and end-to-end customer paths;
• Continuous growth of active client base.

Recruitment Boutique S.M.Art

Recruitment boutique S.M.Art специализируется на поиске и подборе персонала среднего и высшего звена для успешных игроков банковского и финансового секторов.

Мы верим, что поиск персонала может быть искусством.

Свою миссию мы видим в поиске кандидатов для наших партнеров, которые не просто отвечают требованиям по каждой отдельной вакансии, но и в совокупности организуют настоящую команду профессионалов, нацеленных на совместный успех.

Job type    Full-time
Location    Dubai, United Arab Emirates (‫الإمارات العربية المتحدة‬‎)
Arrangement    Office

Published: 06/04/2023