Denis Kalyshkin

Denis Kalyshkin


Russia, Moscow

Educational experience

  • HSE

    Master of Corporate Finances

  • MIPT

    Master of Applied Physics and Mathematics (Space tech)

Work experience

  • Phystech Leadership Fund

    Investment committee member — 8 months

  • I2BF Global Ventures

    Principal — 7 years 4 months

  • Sberbank

    Analyst at Risk department — 1 year 4 months


    Co-founder and Head of sales — 9 months

  • Sberbank

    Sales account manager at corporate lending — 1 year 3 months

  • Family office

    VC analyst — 6 months

  • NP "Sovet rynka"

    Analyst at enegry price forecasting department — 10 months

  • Competentum

    Marketing department — 2 years 9 months

I can help with

I have 7+ years transforming unsexy industries with frontier tech (SaaS, AI, AR/VR, IoT, RPA & Automation).

I can help you with

- understanding on how VC works and makes decision
- how to raise money from VC's
- how to start a career at VC
- mentorship or internship for those who would like to start working in VC

I also run a non-profit initative where I educate entrepreneurs, business angels, and VC analysts on how to invest in startups. Please, check out my course "VC analyst" here:

Areas of expertise

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