Artur Adzhian

Artur Adzhian


Russia, Moscow

Educational experience

  • New Economic School

    Master of Arts degree in Finance

  • Lomonosov Moscow State University

    Bachelor’s degree in Public and Municipal Administration

Work experience

  • BulletPoint

    Business Analyst for a startup consulting international firm. Created Sales & Pitch Decks, financial models and white papers — 3 months

  • Agency for Strategic Initiatives

    Intern. Analyzed the global marine energy market in the segment of ocean resources development technologies. Roadmap developed and approved — 1 month

I can help with

I thrive on challenges and ambitious goals My greatest strengths are the ability to combine my analytical skills with well-developed interpersonal skills, structural and system thinking, teamwork and pedantry.

I have a strong interest and deep knowledge in consulting, business analytics, corporate finance, financial modeling, investments and experience in solving business cases.

I can definitely ensure strong Corporate Finance skills, financial modeling and valuation skills using different methodologies (DCF, Comparables, Cost), which I have improved through my studies, courses and my work experience.

Therefore, I believe the skills I obtained from my education process, extracurricular activities and work experience make me a qualified, committed and enthusiastic candidate.

Areas of expertise

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