Managing director, VTB Strategy, ВТБ

Managing director, VTB Strategy, ВТБ

We are looking for a talented, motivated and experienced person to work in the ambitious team of the VTB Strategy Department.
If you want to be engaged in the strategy design of the second largest Russian bank, to have the opportunity to apply both high-level analysis and detailed deep-dives, to communicate at the top-management level with smart professionals, then you are welcome to contact us.
*Strategy MD, Job description:*
1. VTB strategy development (including market, key trends and competitors analysis, hypothesis generation and testing, structuring and synthesizing documents and so on).
2. Strategy operationalization (roadmaps preparation) and implementation.
3. Motivation system development, design of KPIs to ensure strategy implementation
4. Strategy monitoring (including complex analysis of the Group's activities, gap analysis, factor analysis) and strategy adjustment based on the results of the monitoring
5. Regular tasks (market study, competitors’ analysis, news monitoring, product analysis, CBR activities analysis, etc.).
6. Business case elaboration concerning the Bank’s collaboration with external companies (including participation in M&A deals)
7. Ad hoc projects (development and implementation of the ESG strategy, strategy preparation for the major subsidiaries, etc.)
Contacts: Ikramov Aleksandr


Высшее экономическое образование (балл 4+), успешный опыт работы в стратегическом консалтинге (big3, big4) в направлении FSI (КРИТИЧНО), стратегии/рисках/финансах БАНКОВ И ФИНАНСОВЫХ КОМПАНИЙ (КРИТИЧНО), рейтинговых агентствах по направлению FSI (КРИТИЧНО)


Конкурентные условия труда

Job type    Full-time
Experience level    Senior
Location    Москва, Russia (Россия)
Arrangement    Office

Published: 09/12/2022