CRM Expert, Azerbaijan Bank, Baku, Cornerstone

CRM Expert, Azerbaijan Bank, Baku, Cornerstone

- Strategize and align CRM objectives with business goals;
- Translate business needs into functional CRM features;
- Oversee the CRM product roadmap, ensuring prioritization and management;
- Engage with various teams to ensure alignment with all stakeholders;
- Leverage data analytics for strategic decision-making and to boost customer engagement;
- Guide the organization through CRM transitions, ensuring smooth change management.


- Demonstrated experience in roles such as Business Analyst, Product Owner, or Project Manager, specifically with hands-on involvement in corporate CRM integration projects;
- A thorough understanding of CRM systems, their best practices, and the latest industry trends;
- Strong business acumen to ensure CRM strategies are in line with organizational objectives;
- Exceptional communication skills for effective teamwork and stakeholder collaboration;
- Analytical prowess to utilize data in driving decisions;
- Familiarity with agile methodologies.


Кадровое агентство Cornerstone более 30 лет на рынке.
Занимается подбором руководителей высшего и среднего звена, высококлассных специалистов для самых известных и крупных предприятий, холдингов и компаний.

Job type    Full-time
Experience level    Senior
Location    Baku, Azerbaijan (Azərbaycan)
Arrangement    Office

Published: 09/02/2024