Intern, Market Research, Kept

Intern, Market Research, Kept

What we do:

Our dedicated research team includes experienced market analysts as well as dedicated corporate intelligence specialists.
Our people experience in conjunction with access to a wide range of specialized tools and databases allows us to conduct a more careful and detailed collection of information resulting in a more precise and nuanced market analysis.

- Conducting various types of research in different sectors:
- Conducting research covering specific topic areas, markets, geographies;
- Collecting data from primary and secondary sources, from public sources and internal databases
- Providing analytical services (market analysis, competitive analysis & profiles)
- Providing synthesis and packaging of research results
- Managing multiple requests
- Evaluating data quality
- Supporting internal research and knowledge development projects
- Developing specialized topic knowledge
- Supporting project teams with other research related activities
- Marketing activities including preparation of presentations, proposals, preparation to seminars, etc.
- Administrative functions: filing documents, drafting contracts, following internal risk management procedures, etc.


- Degree from a leading Russian or international university, strong academic record
- Strong research skills and interest for research
- Strong analytical skills and inquisitiveness
- Accuracy and attentiveness to details
- Good written and verbal communication skills
- Fluent English and Russian (both spoken and written)
- Excellent knowledge of Excel and Power Point
- Effective team player
- Ability to work under tight deadlines and multitask
- Flexibility to adapt to a variety of different engagement types, working hours and work environments
- Willingness to learn and develop professionally

The following skills / experience would be beneficial:
- Experience in research or market analysis in a strategy consultancy, B4 firm, market research agency
- Knowledge of various databases (Bloomberg Terminal, Thompson Reuters, SPARK, Argus, etc.)
- Understanding of business analytics sources
- Successful participation in case competitions
- Publications


- Your own trajectory of development and clear career ladder
- Corporate training: unlimited access to a platform for the study of foreign languages with convenient formats and over 50 trainings to boost personal and professional skills
- A team ready to support: colleagues will always ready to help and share their expertise
- Projects influencing the future of large companies: you will be able to prove yourself in solving various problems
- Business trips: your opportunity to explore Russia and beyond
- Competitive salary and extended health insurance
- Ability to combine work from the office (Moscow City) and from home
- Personal development: mentoring, coaching and career counseling programs
- Support for physical and mental health (consultations with a psychologist, online fitness and marathons)
- Official employment which can be accepted as practice at university


Kept – это аудиторско-консалтинговая фирма, которая прежде была частью международной сети KPMG, но формально покинула ее 8 июня 2022 года.

Мы проводим аудит финансовой отчетности, предоставляем услуги по улучшению показателей эффективности и управлению рисками, помогаем решать налоговые и юридические проблемы, а также консультируем по вопросам сопровождения сделок, реструктуризации бизнеса и привлечения финансирования. В Kept есть обширная Технологическая практика, которая помогает клиентам становиться эффективнее с помощью цифровых продуктов и решений.

В России мы работаем более 30 лет и с 2009 г. являемся крупнейшей аудиторской фирмой в стране*. В настоящее время офисы компании, в которых работают 3 800 специалистов, открыты в 11 крупнейших городах России и Беларуси.

*Агентство RAEX («Эксперт РА»), рэнкинги крупнейших аудиторских организаций по итогам 2009–2021 гг.

Job type    Full-time
Experience level    Junior
Location    Moscow, Russia (Россия)
Arrangement    Remote as option

Published: 31/03/2023