Junior economist on Russia and CIS, ING

Junior economist on Russia and CIS, ING

In search of junior economist in my team, which is covering macro/banking sector in Russia and CIS.

The position is localized in Moscow, corporate and investment division of the global bank. Work-from-home at the moment but back to full-time in the office once the pandemic is over.

Responsibilities include tending to databases, a little bit of modeling and writing texts, plus special projects.

Perfect but not exclusive for masters and phd students looking to gain post-internship work experience and get their foot-in-the-door to applied macro research.


BSc/MSc, major in macroeconomics/banking sector/financial markets, or other coursework in those fields.


Normally full-time in the office, but currently work-from-home arrangement. The position is 'physically' in ING, but on a staffing agency's payroll. As a result, the junior analyst is unable to be credited as a author of public research reports.

Job type Full-time
Experience level Junior, Middle
Region Russia (Россия), Moscow
Location Office, Remote as option

Published: 13/01/2021