Manager/Senior Manager, Transport group (Strategy and Operations consulting), PwC

Manager/Senior Manager, Transport group (Strategy and Operations consulting), PwC

Consulting department of PwC Russia is looking for the experienced professionals to help manage and grow our Strategy and Operations Transportation team because we grow business faster than we have people to promote from within.

What you will get:

We have practically everything to make you successful
Partnerable track in a rapidly growing transportation sub-department. Generated two transportation partners in the last 5 years, 3 more to grow in the next 5-7 years. You will have all the opportunities to become one.
Great consulting infrastructure - ton of accumulated knowledge from dozens of previous projects, framework-contracted and available on call – global and local experts, freelancers, various analytics and design outsourcing providers
Experienced partners with good client and rest of the firm relationships, will provide lots of coaching and little micromanagement (can give access to alumni so you can check ;)
Largest transportation clients in the country – tons of projects, great relationship, trained team, support and priority from the broader PwC, dedicated and capable BD manager to help with processing leads
No random people in the team – everyone is in transportation, with relevant experience and willing to help. Rigorous and transparent selection, calibration and training process for all juniors that will work for you
Direct reporting to the partner, head of the unit
Needless to say – within grade moves and salary increases practically every year (if you perform as expected)

We expect you to bring:

Ability to carry your own weight - can fully manage end to end a consulting project with a team of 2-3: get an RFP and a proposal and then with little supervision and some political support deliver high quality project results on time, keeping everyone informed, while improving client relationship and not killing your team. Every other manager on our team does this every day and will be happy to help you.
Successful managers in this role historically have: motivation, discipline, attention to details, healthy dissatisfaction with status quo, guts to defend your point of view in front of a partner and humbleness to ask for help when stuck; are fair but strict with the team, caring yet entrepreneurial with the client

What we do:

We help a wide range of transportation clients, from state-owned giants and multinationals to investment funds (i.e. buying car-sharing startups) to solve strategic, managerial and operational issues; drive sales and reduce costs; streamline processes and restructure, assess and evaluate companies before buying or selling them.

Examples of projects:

Advising a large national airline on how to win over Middle Eastern competitors on a Chinese market
Helping a railroad build a 50 billion dollar infrastructure investment plan and forecast passenger demand for 40 years ahead
Finding a way to reduce the number of unplanned rolling stock repairs 5 times

Who we are:

- 40+ billion-dollar global consulting network counting more than 250 000 consultants globally

- >85% of Global Fortune 500 companies are our clients

- perhaps, the largest consulting transportation practice in Russia - dozens of projects per year

- probably the best office location in Moscow - White Square Business Center right at Belorusskaya subway


Must have:
Verifiable experience in the above mentioned
Proof you did your homework and you know where you apply
Big advantage, but not critical if you have any of the following:
Worked with/in the state or state-owned corporations (FZ-223, FZ-44)
Worked in either branded consulting or in transportation
Have engineering or transportation degree
Have any working experience abroad (not as a tourist)
If you feel this is a bit too much for you – feel free to apply for lower grades, where we’ll teach you how


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Job type Full-time
Experience level Middle, Senior
Region Russia (Россия), Moscow
Location Office, Remote as option

Published: 11/02/2022