Settlement officer, Recruitment Boutique S.M.Art

Settlement officer, Recruitment Boutique S.M.Art


• control over booking of different type of trades and transactions
• control over processing and trade confirmation exchange process for all relevant transactions
• control over settlement of trades, arranging netting and partial offers
• monitoring and processing of claims and buy-ins
• daily archiving the documents of the day
• develop new and current soft and applications to support new products and enhance current in cooperation with IT and other related departments
• ensure procedures are followed and updated regularly
• take part in optimization of such procedures to increase efficiency of current workflow


Professional requirements:

• experience in settlement of Russian and foreign securities (cash equities, DRs, fixed income as well as type of transactions REPO and SLB )
• good knowledge of settlement on Russian market as well as NYSE,NASDAQ,LSE, XETRA, Hong Kong etc. (good understanding of transaction taxes, buy- in, claims and market deadlines)
• good knowledge of the settlement process in Euroclear/Clearstream, DTC, NSD and other local markets
• good knowledge of difference between professional and retail clients
• understanding of DR issuance/cancellation process and other non-trading operations
• experience in unsettled and unmatched trades investigation and reconciliation process
• experience in regulatory reporting and tax declarations
• experience in procedure writing and systems improvement

Skills and knowledge required:

• good operational working knowledge
• higher education
• experience in custody/brokerage back-office/middle-office
• FSFM Certificate 1.0/4.0 is a plus
• English language (upper-intermediate level)
• a working knowledge of the Calypso, Qort, Euclid, Easyway, CTM is a plus



• competitive compensation, bonuses by results of work, medical insurance
• remote working is possible
• working in shifts: 1st shift starts at 8:00 and last shift ends at 21:00; shifts will be set up according to business requirements

Recruitment Boutique S.M.Art

Recruitment boutique S.M.Art специализируется на поиске и подборе персонала среднего и высшего звена для успешных игроков банковского и финансового секторов.

Мы верим, что поиск персонала может быть искусством.

Свою миссию мы видим в поиске кандидатов для наших партнеров, которые не просто отвечают требованиям по каждой отдельной вакансии, но и в совокупности организуют настоящую команду профессионалов, нацеленных на совместный успех.

Location Remote as option

Published: 17/01/2022