Zafarjon Makhsudaliev

Zafarjon Makhsudaliev



Educational experience

  • Higher School of Economics

    Master in International Management

Work experience

  • Akvilon-Invest Real Estate Investment Company

    Manager-intern in investment management department — 7 months

  • Banco de Santander, Cadiz, Spain

    Assistant to manager in the department of credit to legal entities — 8 months

  • Single Brokerage Centre

    Specialist in sales of stocks — 4 months

  • National Bank of Uzbekistan

    Assistant to manager in the department of credit to legal entities — 4 months

  • Online IELTS Preparation Centre

    Founder/Main instructor — 4 years

I can help with

Making precise analysis of the economy in Russia. Identifying the trends customers prefer. Analysing the markets which are growing and have potential for future growth. As well as analysis of other countries that affect the economy of Russia.

I am familiar with Bloomberg statistics and can give short conclusions on the given data.

Preparing concise and understandable presentation is my hobby.

Once I am given a chance for interview or an online test for knowledge (logical questions and reasoning), I will convince you that I am a worthy candidate.

Areas of expertise

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