Vladimir Shevtsov

Vladimir Shevtsov



Educational experience

  • Finance Academy Moscow (1996), Indiana University Gradute School USA (1998)

    Graduate degree (economics, investment finance)

  • CFA Institute

    CFA Charter (2003)

Work experience

  • Consultant (life insurance, investments)

    consultant — 8 months

  • ERGO Insurance company

    investment director — 9 years 5 months

  • Consilium Investment Management, Fort Lauderdale, USA

    bond and currency strategist, quant analyst (hedge fund) — 2 years 7 months

  • Consultant fixed income portfolio quant modeling

    consultant, CFA preparation course teaching assistant — 1 year 11 months

  • Citigroup

    risk manager (fixed income, currency), bank — 2 years 11 months

I can help with

логика системных процессов и как она влияет на инвестиционное управление, продуктовую стратегию, корпоративное стратегическое планирование, экономику финансовых рынков

Areas of expertise

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