Tural Gadirli

Tural Gadirli


Russia (Россия)

Educational experience

  • Azerbaijan State University of Economics


  • CFA

    Level 3 candidate

  • CBR

    ФСФР 1.0

Work experience

  • Private Fund

    Portfolio manager — 1 year 10 months

  • "Solid" Investment Financial Joint-Stock Company

    Head of trading and asset management —  4 months

  • Family office

    Head of trading — 7 years 2 months

I can help with

My work experience in portfolio management on stock and financial markets of the United States, Canada, Brazil, and China has been over fifteen years. The experience I have received let me effectively combine the function of portfolio manager with supervising portfolio managers and managing the analytical department.
Consequently, the obtained synergy allows me to reduce risk in managing the portfolio through diversification and listening skill by accepting justified simulated opinions given by an analytical department or by portfolio managers constituent of my team.
Well-reasoned, sustained dispute between the portfolio managers with correctly performing analytical department, edged by me for the tuned search of fundamentally undervalued investment ideas is one of the significant ways to gain Alpha.
Conducted by me or by my supervision, investment valuation is based on financial modeling, comparable analysis, deep understanding of market and sector where the company operates, M. Porter’s competitive advantages, analysis of the company’s conference calls, and presentations for the last five years. It’s a standard of work that I implemented supervising the analytical department.
Certain emphasis is the return ( the outlier) that I have achieved in 2020 is 32.56%. Sharpe ~ 5.7.
In August 2022, I am scheduled to pass the 3rd level of CFA and obtain Chart holder status. Previously passed two levels of CFA gave me the knowledge that is in combination with my fifteen years’ experience admitted me to enhance my weighted average performance to 19.7%, reduce portfolio volatility, and deep understanding how to execute correct conservative valuation.
After becoming familiar with the vacancy, I can create value managing assets by implementing all my expertise and knowledge to generate Alpha. In the same way, I can tune up the analytical department to find and research the investment ideas that will perform better than the benchmark.
If you require any other information, please let me know.

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