Natalya Akashkina

Natalya Akashkina


Russia (Россия), Москва

Educational experience

  • Московская финансово – юридическая академия.

    Финансово-юридический, Юриспруденция (юрист).

  • Московский государственный университет экономики, статистики и информатики.

    Финансы, кредит и банковское дело (экономист).

Work experience

  • Брокеркредитсервис/ БКС (IB, BCS GM)

    Руководитель направления кредитного анализа DCM IB — 3 years 7 months

  • Банк ФК Открытие

    Начальник отдела анализа кредитных рисков IB — 5 years 5 months

I can help with

Analysis of current and potential bonds issuers, public and non-public companies, bank's syndicates.
Interaction with issuers, rating agencies, investors.
Analytic research, determining internal rating of corporate companies, non-resident banks and financial groups, insurance companies, regions of the RF, foreign countries, funds. Credit risk opinion.
Organizing the analysis process from scratch, further support and improvement.
Preparation and presentation of the issues at the Investment Committee. Justification for limits.
Risk assessment of resident and non-resident banks, insurance companies, public issuers — the corporate companies, subject of the Russian Federation and municipal unions, foreign countries, investment companies and funds.
Elaboration and improvement of uniform methods and models of risk assessment and the limit system.
Coordination of the work of the department within the corporation, cooperation with counterparties, auditors, inspectors of the RF Central Bank.

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