Михаил Панфилов

Михаил Панфилов



Educational experience

  • New Economic School (NES)

    M.A., Economics; concentration in Corporate Finance

  • Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT)

    M.Sc., Applied Physics and Mathematics.

  • London Business School (LBS)


  • Sberbank-500 (INSEAD)


Work experience

  • Sberbank

    Deputy CFO of CIB & Chief Data Scientist / Finance Department — 3 years 11 months

  • Sberbank

    Managing Director, Strategy and Development — 1 year 9 months

  • Sberbank

    Head of Finance Department at Sberbank of Russia Srednerussky region bank — 2 years 1 month

  • Sberbank

    Head of subdivision (M&A), Financial Department, Projects and Subsidiaries Valuation Division — 4 years

  • Media sector of PromSvyazCapital Group, Aria-AiF, management company

    Financial analyst, corporate M&A, direct subordination to the CEO — 1 year 6 months

  • Entrepreneurship (several IT and non-tech start-ups)

    Co-founder, Partner — 1 year

  • Sunrise, the largest computer hypermarket in Russia

    Manager, Deputy Chief of corporate retail department — 1 year 11 months

I can help with

CFO; CDS; CIO; Financial management; Corporate finance; Banking; Business plan & Forecast; Financial modeling; Business Analysis; Financial reporting; Valuation & Investment analysis; Projects management; Budgeting & Cost Control; Mergers & Acquisitions; Data Science/AI/ML

Areas of expertise

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