Игорь Костиков

Игорь Костиков


Educational experience

  • Georgetown University, DC, USA

    Foreign service

  • Russian Academy of National economy


  • Middlesex University, UK

    MBA in Finance

  • Institute of World economy and international relations RSA Moscow (IMEMO)

    Doctor in international economy and finance

  • Institute of World economy and international relations RSA (IMEMO)

    PhD in international economy

  • Leningrad state university

    Political economy

Work experience

  • Finpotrebsouz

    Chairman — 8 years 8 months

  • Institute of economy RSA

    Head of department — 6 years 11 months

  • Russian academy of civil services under the President of Russia

    Deputy Dean — 2 years 10 months

  • Institute of world economy and international relations RSA

    Senior Research fellow — 4 years 8 months

  • Russian Federal Securities and Exchange Commision

    Chairman — 4 years 6 months

  • City of St Petersburg Financial Department

    Deputy Chairman — 1 year

  • AVK securities and finance LTD

    Managing Director — 5 years 4 months

  • Friends Provident Assets Managment

    Find manager — 1 year 3 months

  • Marka Ltd

    Managing director — 1 year 9 months

Areas of expertise

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