Gennady Golub

Gennady Golub


Russia (Россия), Moscow

Educational experience

  • Moscow State University

    Bachelors Degree in Economics / Management

Work experience

  • ООО "ETK" (Eurasian Pipeline Consortium)

    Executive VP Legal & Corporate - Advisor to the Chairman of the Managing Board — 12 years 4 months

  • ООО "ETK" (Eurasian Pipeline Consortium)

    Deputy Director - corporate structuring, asset management and international projects — 1 year 9 months

  • TMK (Pipe Metallurgical Company)

    Head of Trade Protection / Market Access Unit — 5 years 4 months

I can help with

While not a lawyer myself, I have amassed quite a bit of experience (and a rather sizable network) handling legal projects ranging from small personal cases to high-profile dispute resolution, investment arbitration and market access across a multitude of jurisdictions (UK, US, Singapore, Hong Kong, Seychelles, Cyprus, Russia, CIS, Central Asia and Switzerland).

What I do is leverage my network and experience to help corporations and individuals solve their legal issues across jurisdictions in the most pragmatic, no-nonsense and bottom-line conscious way I can, specifically:

- Identify the problem and potential legal solutions;

- Organize a cost-efficient initial feasibility study by cutting through to the real issues involved and running them past trusted experts with appropriate backgrounds, making sure that the clients are not advised to embark on expensive legal crusades that have little to offer in terms of actual financial results or creation of leverage;

- Design a project structure, making sure that legal issues to be considered and legal actions to be taken are assigned to consultants of proper caliber, carefully avoiding both overkill and false economies;

- Run the project for you if this is required, serving as an organizing force to make sure the various suppliers perform their tasks to their usual standards of quality and in a timely fashion;

- Identify and help organize supporting activities which could have impact on the positive outcome of legal actions that we organize, including corporate investigations, asset tracking, security analysis, litigation support and various communication tasks;

- Organize (via various providers) corporate structuring and re-structuring across jurisdictions as required by the project;

- If the structure and merits of the case permit it, we can also look into opportunities to optimize your legal costs by bringing into the picture a litigation investor.

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