Dmitry Danilin Cfa

Dmitry Danilin Cfa


Russia (Россия), Dubai

Educational experience

  • Saratov State University

    Faculty of mathematics with specialization in information systems in economics

  • CFA Institute, Virginia, USA

    Chartered Financial Analyst

Work experience

  • Locko-Bank/Locko-Invest

    Portfolio manager — 1 year 8 months

  • Sovcombank CIB

    Portfolio manager/Head of Equity Research — 2 years

  • BCS Capital

    Portfolio Manager/Head of Global Equity Research — 1 year

  • Sovcombank CIB

    Lead Analyst —  11 months

  • Otkritie Broker

    Lead Analyst — 1 year 6 months

  • Family Offices (Center for Financial Investments, Interfin Capital Limitless)

    Portfolio Manager/Head of Research — 6 years 11 months

  • Region Asset Management

    Portfolio Manager — 2 years 11 months

  • Otkritie Asset Management

    Portfolio Manager — 1 year

  • Dohodny Dom Investment Company

    Trader/Portfolio Manager/Chief of Asset Management Department — 2 years 2 months

  • Brokergaz Ffinance Investment Company

    Trader — 1 year 3 months

I can help with

High-impact financial professional with a significant ability to identify, analyze, and communicate investment opportunities to the portfolios under management. Performance-oriented professional with more than 20 years of comprehensive buy-side experience as a Portfolio Manager, Head of Research, and Research Analyst. Analyzed and choose numerous investment cases in Local and U.S. markets, contributing markedly to the investment return. Very good at understanding companies’ business models, capital markets valuation cycle, and global macro trends. Developed and fine-tuned company-specific valuation spreadsheets, sophisticated quantitative screeners, sentiment market models, NLP, and Neural Networks text screeners. Excels in communication and organizational skills, able to multitask and set priorities to maximize the result. Strong work ethic with the capability to function under pressure. Displays a high level of competence in a rapidly changing environment.

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