Danil Petrov

Danil Petrov



Educational experience

  • National Research University Higher School of Economics

    Bachelor of Arts in Economics, 2016-2020

  • National Research University Higher School of Economics

    Master of Science in Economics, 2020-2022

Work experience

  • MTS "STV"

    Financial analysist — 7 months

I can help with

• Knowledge of the basics of risk management, deep understanding of macroeconomics and markets.
• Ability to build and validate models that estimate VAR, ES for a portfolio of securities.
• Olympiads: Victory in the HSE International Olympiad Competition for University Students and Graduates “Game Theory”, 2019.

Technical Skills: Excel (Power Query, Power Pivot, VBA), Eviews, StataSE, Bloomberg.

• Ability to work with large volume of data, analyze and visualize information.
• Strong written and verbal communication skills;
• An enthusiastic outlook and ability to learn new tasks quickly;
• A team player with an ability to collaborate well with others from different departments, backgrounds and regions;

Areas of expertise

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