Андрей Матвеев

Андрей Матвеев


Russia, Moscow, RF

Educational experience

  • Financial Market Professional Qualifications Council NAUFOR

    Financial Consultant (7 qualification level)

  • Moscow Lomonosov State University, Moscow

    Faculty of Computing Mathematics and Cybernetics, Mathematics. Applied Mathematics

  • Moscow Lomonosov State University, Moscow, Computer Science

    Higher Computer Shool

  • FSFR

    Qualification certificate 1.0, 5.0

Work experience

  • Family Office Gold585

    Portfolio manager — 2 months

  • Softlink

    Senior portfolio analyst, Chief Product Owner — 1 year 10 months

  • VTB Capital Investment Management

    Senior Portfolio manager — 7 years 6 months

  • Otkrytie Asset Management

    Senior asset manager — 1 year 6 months

  • NordBrooke Asset Management, Family office

    Senior asset manager — 1 year 6 months

  • Investment-banking Group “Uralsib” (NIKoil)

    Senior analyst of equity market — 6 years 9 months

  • Vostochnoevropeyskaya Investment Company “VIKA”

    Fundamental and technical analyst of the stocks market — 1 year 2 months

  • “Falcon Securities” Investment Company

    Analyst on the bond market, trader in the futures bond market. — 1 year 3 months

I can help with

Portfolio manager, investment advisor, robo-advising, product owner, analyst

Areas of expertise

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