Alexandra Prokopenko

Alexandra Prokopenko


Russia, Moscow

Educational experience

  • Moscow State University

    Journalism 2001-2006

  • University of California, Berkeley 2009

    Visiting Scholar

  • Shaninka and University of Manchester 2017-2018

    Master of Arts in Sociology

Work experience

  • Bank of Russia

    Advisor to the first deputy governor of the Central Bank — 1 year 9 months

  • The Bell;; The New Times

    Contributor — 2 years 6 months

  • Higher School of Economics

    Policy advisor to rector — 2 years 3 months

  • Vedomosti daily newspaper

    Senior economics reporter — 1 year 7 months

  • TASS

    head of economy-government team of reporters — 7 years 10 months

  • RIA Novosti

    Media relations specialist; policy editor — 3 years 5 months

I can help with

I can be helpful with my expertise in media relations; PR and marketing and so-called strategic policy consulting. Also can share how to run an ultramarathon and survive :)

Areas of expertise

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