Alexandra Kosenko

Alexandra Kosenko


Russia, Moscow

Educational experience

  • Robert Kennedy College and Cumbria University

    Business school, MBA Risk Management, Sustainability Development

  • Moscow State University

    calculus mathematics and cybernetics, calculus mathematics, PGD

  • Moscow State University

    mecanical-methemetical/applied mathematics, specialist

Work experience

  • Asian Pacific Bank

    CRO Consultant — 11 months

  • QIWI Ltd

    Portfolio credit risk Director (Qiwi Bank) — 9 months

  • BCS Bank

    Deputy CRO, credit risk — 1 year 10 months

  • Petrocommerce Bank

    Head of Retail risk and Modeling — 4 years

  • Home Credit and Finance Bank

    Leading Specialist, Risk Department — 3 years 9 months

I can help with

Create a credit process from scratch, reduce the level of credit risk, optimize credit process, audit all processes and scoring cards (including sustainable development), train employees in credit scoring

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Areas of expertise

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