Akhmed Aliev

Akhmed Aliev


Russia, Moscow

Educational experience

  • Saint Petersburg State University of Economics

    Bachelor of Corporate Finance

  • Higher School of Economics

    Master of Science in Economics

Work experience

  • EY

    Consultant, Financial Services Risk Management — 1 year 7 months

  • Sberbank

    Intern, Department of Methodology and Analytics — 2 months

  • Sberbank

    Intern, Customer Relations Department for Large and Medium Business — 3 months

I can help with

I'm a credit risk analyst in a large consulting firm with knowledges in finance and economics. I have an experience in programming. In my daily work I use softs ​​such as R, Python, Excel. I believe that my financial background and technical skills would help the company to process big data in a structured and fast way and make the most of it in the financial industry.

Areas of expertise

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