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Need expertise in finance, marketing or legal? We will recommend.

How it works?

Answer few simple questions about your experience of working with a consultant. In return we recommend the best consultant for your next task in line with your requirements. Alternatively pay 10 USD for our recommendation.

Ask for a recommendation

  • if you don’t know who is the best specialist for your task
  • if you don’t want to pay hourly rate just to listen to useless talk while you need some measurable results
  • if you don’t know what’s the reasonable price for your task or need the best value for your budget

Leave a review

  • if you want to help a person who comes for recommendation next after you. Each new review makes our recommendations better for all of us
  • to promote quality work and responsibly among consultants
  • to save money on recommendation when you need one

Ask a client to leave a review by sharing the link to this page or get your personal review link by creating your profile

  • if you are a consultant and want to get recommended for similar work next time. Each new review makes it more likely that you will be recommended.