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How it works?

Describe your question or task using the button below. We will assess your situation and select the best specialist matching your question. To find the right expert or firm, we will use our database of proven and trusted experts or referrals from our extensive network of business contacts that we have obtained over years of work in the financial industry. Each of our experts has an excellent track record and great reviews from us, our partners, or clients. We will suggest only those who are a great match to your task and have perfect recommendations from their previous employers or clients.

Six cases where we can help entrepreneurs, business owners, and top managers:

  • You’ve got a specific measurable business goal and you need a specialist to hit your KPI, but you do not wish to pay an hourly rate for empty talk.
  • You have a problem or question regarding your business but you don’t know which specialist has the right expertise to deal with it.
  • You need an expert with a proven track record and you do not wish to trust a random person found on a freelance platform.
  • You’ve got a specific task for a specialist in finance, legal, or marketing but you don’t know who to turn to.
  • You need a specialist with a particular narrow expertise for your task.
  • You have a question for an expert in a specific area.

EMCR experts are top experts in their areas who are ready to deal with your task professionally and effectively.

We know where the expertise and strengths of our experts are and we are in position to find those whose skills are the best match to your case. Working with us saves you your most precious resources: time and energy.

In some cases, the first free consultation is enough to resolve the issue.

If your task requires a more complex solution:

  1. We will find experts with the right profile for you.
  2. We will give you price guidance.
  3. We will guarantee the quality of the service.

Our experts can help with


  • Market and competition research, introduction of new products to the market
  • Strategy, communications, and PR

Research and Consulting

  • Project evaluation
  • Investment research
  • Business plans
  • Industry research and consulting
  • Financial reporting, accounts, taxes, etc.

For startups

  • Preparing startups for raising funds
  • Preparing pitch decks, termsheets, etc.
  • Bringing documents to order (finance, legal structure and documents, accounts, etc.)

Legal services

  • Company registration and secretary services in EU, UK, US, China, offshore countries, etc.
  • Legal help in UK, EU, US, Russia, Asia, etc.
  • AML, Compliance, intellectual property, etc.
  • Drafting all sorts of agreements in various jurisdictions
  • Litigations and more

On top of that

  • Complex business cases requiring involvement of specialists with different profiles
  • Problems requiring narrow or rare expertise
  • Any other situations any modern global business or startup might face

Corporate profiles

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