Project: Educational Technologies and Freelance platforms: fact gathering mission

Educational Technologies and Freelance platforms: fact gathering mission

This is a non-public project. It was completed successfully but materials will stay exclusively with the creator.

Below is the creator’s review on the project contributor: Valeria Afanasieva:

“We were very impressed with Valeria’s work on our project. Especially, with:
- Her commitment and motivation;
- Her ability to dig very deep when investigating such complex and immature markets for us;
- the speed of her reaction to our requests and feedback;
- her instant communications;
- her ability to structure material into compact and easily-digested form.

Valeria is still a young specialist with lack of practical knowledge of particular financial instruments but her commitment and ability to learn very fast would make her a very good contribution to any world-class research team.”

Pavel Pikulev, CFA
Vasiliy Korol

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About the project

Quick fact finding mission on two markets: Educational Technologies and Freelance Platforms. Closed project, paying RUB10k to the team plus rating and review. No public report, no lengthy words. Strict deadline. Need the set of facts quickly. Language RUS or ENG

What is needed for each market:
- market brief overview
- leaders
- capitalization
- revenues
- investments
- All information sources.



Started: 31/01/2019
Last update: 18/02/2019
Date of publication: 18/02/2019


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