Project: ETF industry: Global trends and Prospects in Russia


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ETF industry: Global trends and Prospects in Russia

The rapid growth of the so-called exchange traded funds (ETF) by both absolute and money terms became one of the most important trends in the asset management industry, which has already changed a lot. In some sense, it became a certain disruptor for the traditional market and gives to private investors a cheap and transparent option to be exposed on whole industries via a simple instrument. Given the active shift of Russian citizens toward investment products, we expect the ETF industry to boom in the country and reach dozens of billions of USD in coming years.

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About the project

The main target of the project is to provide overview of the key trends in the industry of the passive asset management (ETFs) globally and make the forecast for development of it in Russia

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Alexander Kudrin


The worked hard and was able to find some interesting statistics. The obtained result is higher than was expected initially



Started: 14/12/2018
Last update: 25/02/2019
Date of publication: 25/02/2019



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