Project: The state of the blockchain. One year after the hype.


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The state of the blockchain. One year after the hype.

The goal of the project is to investigate the state of the blockchain space and technology 12 months after the hype.
The research should include, but not limited to
1. an overview of the current state of the technology application with a focus on established companies as opposed to startups;
2. the current actual usage of the Bitcoin and Ethereum (probably, Neo, Stellar and some other meaningful infrastructure protocols), gauged by the number of active addresses;
3. the overall sentiment, measured by Google trends, telegram activity, the volume of the fundraisings;
4. the regulation (US SEC probes, Malta VFA sandbox, Gibraltar initiatives, Monetary Authority of Singapore licensing, etc);
5. feasibility of STO becoming the next big thing, especially under the US exemptions (Reg. D, Reg. A and JOBS Act, Reg. S).

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Started: 21/11/2018
Last update: 22/03/2019



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