ESG: Get ready for changes!
Elizaveta Danilova, Alina Rozentsvet, Pavel Pikulev

ESG: Get ready for changes!

  • Event date: 14/09/2021
  • Event language: Russian
  • Material access: Public

Discussing ESG hype and whether it’s serious or not (spoiler: it’s very serious, you won’t be able to ignore it). Global view on climate risks and regulations. Where Russia stands in all that story. What to expect: regulations, economic consequences, impact on business and financial sector. How much business is prepared, what needs to be done.

  • Elizaveta Danilova
    Director of Financial Stability Department, Bank of Russia
  • Alina Rozentsvet
    CEO, National Rating Agency
  • Pavel Pikulev
    Moderator, EMCR Co-founder
  • 1:20-14:50 – Speaker presentation. Elizaveta Danilova speaks about global warming, carbon neutrality goals, transborder carbon tax, green energy, and Bank of Russia activities.
  • 15:11-26:20 – Speaker presentation. Alina Rozentsvet speaks about Russia lagging global trends, about growth in sustainable investing, introducing ESG principles into supply chains and ESG ratings and rankings.
  • 27:10-28:46 – Elizaveta about EU plans to move to sustainable energy.
  • 28:46-31:32 – Alina about carbon tax and Russian companies’ ESG activities.
  • 31:35-33:55 – Elizaveta about CBR’s corporate reporting recommendations and compliance monitoring.
  • 34:00-37:36 – Alina about credibility of Russian corporate ESG reporting and about what needs to be done here to make reporting more trustworthy.
  • 37:40-38:30 – Elizaveta about monitoring again and Pavel sums it up and speaks about importance of independent verification.
  • 39:00-41:50 – Alina about low correlation between ESG ratings and need for standardization and regulation.
  • 42:00-48:00 – Elizaveta about “sticks and carrots”, excessive stimuli, risks of greenwashing. She also gives view about whether special refinancing facilities for green bonds are needed.
  • 48:03-51:50 – Alina about green bonds and reginal ESG programs
  • 52:00-53:50 – Elizaveta about monitoring again
  • 53:57-56:32 – Alina about why smaller companies need to think about ESG too.
  • 57:10-60:00 – Elizaveta about different climate scenarios.


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