Product Owner - Digital Accounting, SimplyFi

Product Owner - Digital Accounting, SimplyFi

MENA spin-off of a top fintech SME lender in CIS is seeking a Product Analyst with the potential to grow into the role of a Product Owner/Business Lead). The candidate will be responsible the development of a digital accounting project (similar to ElbaKontur/MoeDelo/OSOME) in the UAE and KSA.

Key Responsibilities:
• Building first user base (setup content marketing, landing page & marketing materials) to get customer research from in-house sales to get key pain points/client demands to formulate go-to-market strategy (price points, killer features, etc.)
• Define and communicate the product vision and strategy, aligning them with overall business objectives.
• Conduct market research to identify trends, competitor offerings, and user needs.
• Lead design and development teams to execute the MVP based on the developed and launch the initial sales of the product.

The project will be executed under the guidance of an experienced team with a background in fintech, bulge-bracket IB (ex-Citi VP and Wharton MBA grad) and top global MBAs/Masters graduates.

The ideal candidate should possess 1-3 years of experience in leading strategic products within fintech or IT companies, such as Yandex.

Remote with potential to relocate into Dubai, UAE.


Digital/Fintech; Product Development & Execution Experience


SimplyFi is a fintech SME lender in the MENA region (UAE and KSA), founded by SF Holdings (which owns a leading fintech SME lender in the CIS region, with over 2,7bn+ USD loans to SME customers since 2015) and YAP Digital Neobank.

Job type    Full-time
Experience level    Middle, Senior
Location    United Arab Emirates (‫الإمارات العربية المتحدة‬‎)
Arrangement    Remote

Published: 05/02/2024