Distressed Credit Analyst (Large investment bank), Recruitment Boutique S.M.Art

Distressed Credit Analyst (Large investment bank), Recruitment Boutique S.M.Art

* Conduct independent, fundamental credit research on distressed issuers and securities, including analyzing factors critical to valuation and investment performance

* Create historical and projected financial models, analyzing key metrics to differentiate improving from deteriorating credits

* Make buy, hold or sell investment recommendations that incorporate the fundamental credit outlook and recovery expectations

* Producing client-ready presentations and effectively communicating analysis and work product to colleagues across the firm, including Analysts and Sales teams

* Contribute to overall research team efforts through whitepapers, peer support, etc.


* Minimum 5 years of meaningful investment banking and/or credit investing experience, preferably at a sell-side or buy-side firm

* Critical attributes are solid analytical skills, insight and effective communication

* Experience understanding and evaluating creditworthiness

* Experience with financial statement modeling and analysis

Job type    Full-time
Region    Russia (Россия), Moscow
Location    Office

Published: 26/05/2021